Outdoor Grilling: What are you using?

Donovan Rankin

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The time has come for me to finally be in the market again for a new grill. Had to get rid of the old one a year ago when I moved and no it's time to replace it.

I have been doing the pro/cons for gas vs. charcoal and . . well it never ends. Really looking at getting one of those combo ones (even if it means I have to wait a bit).

What are you all using?

I have a multi purpose grill, one side is gas the other is charcoal and the charcoal side has a smoker box. Grilling area is a bit small individually but usually only two of us so not a big deal for me.
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I inherited it from my step gpa.. Don't know the stories behind nor knew he even had it The 30yrs I knew him he was just a cool 'ole hippie so maybe he picked it up in Bethel~ it's been used but not much.


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Cleaned up the SSP today. It was looking rough!


And also fired the Bandera back up and got it hot to clean it and gave the outside a bath in vegetable oil to help protect it.