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I live Off the Grid (OTG). Had Pathfinders for a long time. Very few issues. Currently, mine is a 2004 (the last of the series before Ghosn screwed everything up). It has only 120,000 miles (fer yoooo 'Mericans, 180,000 kms for Canucks). I live a long ways outside of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. I also own a 1990 Previa (JDM) alltrac. It's good, too. Similar mileage - 185,000 kms. I joined the forum because I pretty much have to fix my own vehicles and, of course, I am more than mechanically challenged, I am a bit stupid and getting old (73). OTG'ers chew up tires but I now have Toyo and they seem to be the best...maybe BFG All terrain.....they were good, too. Everything else has proven too thin-skinned to take all the coarse gravel. Half my time is logging road. What I would like to do is learn of inexpensive parts and accessories I can add to make it better and, right now...some advice regarding A/C units. I would also like to lift the Previa 2 inches....and that seems impossible without spending gajillions on lift kits (for a $500 car?)


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Thanks, guys. Nice to be welcomed. So different from the usual reaction.....:)
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Welcome to the most helpful, least judgemental forum on earth. Relax and put your feet up.

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