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Cooky8 Aug 28, 2019

  1. Cooky8

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    I know I know, I'm full of questions.

    So! My new to me 03 X bounce away on any crackd on the road. Like feeling dangerously unstable at most bumps. Im used to my lowered car suspension and X are different but... Most probably the shocks are from factory and are shot.

    Since i gotta change them, might as well put some good shocks right? I wanted to lift the suspension a bit to better clear the mud and put bigger wheels on later. I've found this setup on

    All nice and dandy I thought! But then I checked the budget. With my body repair and the idle problem and window motor to consider... the lift will have to wait. They sell the same lift kit without the shocks after all.

    The big question is this : would the blisteon 5100 fit my unlifted 03 X and after that bolt on the lift kit? Can I do it in 2 stages? Coz I really need shocks before winter and I rather not buy throwaway set and replace in a year..
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    You can install those shocks now and keep them with the lift.
  3. Cooky8

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    Sweet! Thank you for the clarification!. Thats the way im gonna do it, step vu step
  4. kirk

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    Hi Cooky. I have used that same set up on one of my previous X's. You'll be happy with it. Double check their shock offerings, some are for lifted some arent. I had issue attempting to install a shock for a lift on an un lifted X.
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    Replacing the rear shocks is pretty straightforward, but if your bolts are rusty it can be a real PITA to get the nuts off. The worst one is the top nut on the passenger side shock. I eventually gave up on that nut and had a shop remove it. An impact wrench would help, but access is very restricted. On the lower nuts, I had to pry a wrench upward using a floor jack to break them free. If you're planning to replace the shocks yourself, start soaking the threads now with PB Blaster and use a wire brush to clean the exposed threads.

    It's recommended to replace the fasteners when changing out the shocks. For the lower fasteners, it's easy to change the bolts and nuts. For the upper fasteners you can easily replace the nuts but I'm not sure how you would replace the bolts because it seems like they are mounted to the frame somehow.
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