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xterraadventures Oct 14, 2020

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    I have a no crank no start issue. I got my awesome 2003 manual a year ago at 124,000 miles and had all paperwork, etc and it was babied. It was all perfect for a year, then backing out of the driveway it stalled and hasn't started since (all electrical comes on, but not crank or start).

    While trying to diagnose the issue, I realized it was time to get rid of the crap wired in. There were 7 items connected to the battery and a lot of it was junk. Here's what was hanging around:

    1 - The sloppiest alarm system ever installed from about 15 years ago.
    2 - An abandoned and taped closed set of fog lights from about the same time.
    3 - A newer set of fog lights patched in and out of the old set.
    4 - An amp that was pretty much done right, and wired down the driver's side in the cabin correctly.

    So I wanted to get back to basics. There was an additional switch relay duct taped to wires from the alarm system under the hood as well as the alarm siren, again intermingled with the old fog lights that don't exist anymore.

    I took out the old abandoned fog light wiring which was pretty obvious when traced.

    While I was there I replaced all fuses inside and in the engine fuse box. They looked fine but I had plenty of extras so why not.

    I removed the siren and extra relay attached to it. I traced all of the alarm wiring from under the hood into the compartment under the dash. Found the alarm brain and a glass break sensor, removed all of that crap, including a bare wire shoved into one side of an empty fuse slot, made sure not to remove anything that was actually supposed to be there, and I'm left with two things that I want to get right:

    One photo is what is left under the ignition that was spliced into the alarm, I'm pretty sure that is the ignition wire and I need to just get rid of the junk and reconnect both ends of that wire. Let me know if I'm wrong and any tips you have.

    The other photo shows a wire coming from the blinker switch that was connected to the alarm. I suppose this was to fire the hazard blinkers from the alarm? I have no idea where to reconnect these, so I need help on that.

    Once those are done I can then try to figure out what the start issue is. I wonder if it is the ignition relay (there appear to be two, one behind the fuse box inside and one in the engine fuse box. Any help or ideas on that would definitely be appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

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