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Joseph Barrera Mar 26, 2018

  1. Joseph Barrera

    Joseph Barrera Test Drive

    Sorry if there's already a thread on this but I couldn't find it. I just bought an 06' SE. And I'm ready to get rolling on the build. But I'm completely new to Nissan's. Long story short what 2" suspension lifts are you guys running and what are your recommendations.

    Probably won't do a bumper but will definitely add weight from skid plates and sliders.
  2. Prime

    Prime Some Kind of In Charge? Admin

    What are you looking at for budget? Because there's a few different ways to skin that cat. On the cheap, you can do lift shackles and coil spacers. About $300 all in. Advantage, cheap. Disadvantages, no additional load capacity or travel in the front, no additional load capacity in the back.

    The other way is replacement coilovers, replacement upper control arms, and a combination of shackles and add-a-leaf or replacement leaf packs and shocks out back. You're going to spend a fair bit more. Probably around $2000-2500 depending on what options you choose. But, additional front and rear travel plus additional load capacity and better ride quality.
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  3. kirk

    kirk Will get you lost in S. Dallas Moderator Supporting Member

    Allen, Texas
    I have nothing to add on the second gens, but I wanted to welcome you to the forums. Search around and feel free to ask any questions you might have.
  4. Joseph Barrera

    Joseph Barrera Test Drive

    First off I apologize being slow as all hell to respond to my own question. I'm hoping to keep it under $2000 but I definitely want a suspension lift not just the spacers and blocks. While I won't be doing any extereme rock crawling I definitely do a lot of remote camping trips and want that travel.
    Thank you guys for the warm welcome
  5. JeffPro4x

    JeffPro4x Hot Pipe Super Moderator Supporting Member

    Glenside, PA
    The Old Man Emu kit sounds like a good fit for you. Replaces your probably shot rear leaf packs and should get you right around your desired 2".
  6. Joseph Barrera

    Joseph Barrera Test Drive

    Thank you I will look into it and post some pictures when I finally pull the trigger.
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  7. maillet282

    maillet282 Titan Swapped / SAS'd Moderator Supporting Member

    Ontario Canada
  8. Prawn

    Prawn Bought an X

    Las Vegas
    The question has already been answered however I figure, what the hell, I'll toss my .02 in the hat. Disclaimer: The below is my experience/opinions. Any and all information is for entertainment purposes and not intended as financial advise.

    I was in the same boat as you my friend, and I did end up going with the OME 2" dealio w/ the Dakar leaf packs. Comes in under your budget. Solid company w/ solid gear, huzzah, you win. My issue, which will not effect you in the slightest, is that the PRO-4X already has an inch over the other models, thus it turned out to be a 1" lift for my rig. Ya live & ya learn, amiright!? Anyway as I'd doing my ting ting on the trail trails w/ bud buds & organized events I started seeing serious limitations with the 2" (for you) lift. Man it's a shiatty feeling getting high-centered during a mostly-jeep event and having to be winched off*. Now I know what you said about not doing any extreme rock crawling, however it only takes one trip AND YOU'RE HOOKED! "Oh, I can quit anytime I want." You'll say. A week later you're Wi-Fi router is smoking from you trying to find an M205 for a "reasonable" price.


    "Hon, the baby needs formula & diapers."
    "Yeah well there's this rock that I NEED to conquer!"

    True story, this hobby never ends.

    Anyway, I thought I was going to be "done" with my suspension w/ the very same setup you're eying. As I type this my Wi-Fi router is smoking, and it's not menthols. But it's okay, my little girl is an 80lb Rottweiler. Plus there's no one here calling me "hon". Priorities bro.

    *Lucky for my mental well-being there was a TJ and 3 Toyotas that also got hung up in the same spot. Winter 4x4 Jamboree, Hurricane, UT, Milt's Mile (Light) just coming out of the "bowl".
  9. OffRdX

    OffRdX Lockers Installed

    El Cajon, CA
    I have PRG UCA's and radflo's that I will sell you. You can run shackles for the rear which are cheap. You eventually will want new leafs though. I would consider saving up and TS'ing. I ran my advanced setup from PRG for years but ended up with a TS. Everyone that sticks around long enough seems to go there.
  10. PacificPyrate

    PacificPyrate Test Drive

    What did you end up doing? Any pictures?

    I am keen on doing the same thing once I find a rig. I live overseas right now and am moving back to SoCal in June so will start looking. I found a 2000 w/ a front axle swap already done but maybe it's too much money to start off with or maybe I want to do my own build. I am not 100% sure. I have never had great success buying an already built rig because we always want something a bit different than the previous owner or maybe don't like their solution 100% and end up starting over.

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