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With the demise of most off road clubs that are welcoming to entry level folks, besides NEXterra, it can be hard to try this silliness if there is no NEXterra event on the horizon that can accommodate you.

If you just can't wait on NEXterra ya might want to try "Off Road Consulting"

I joined them with my friend Dennis (pink Tracker) on a run last Saturday at Rausch Creek.


These guyys run three or four events a month at Rausch and AOAA that include "101 classes", guided trail rides and "Badge of Honor" runs (a Jeep thing that we did). Although this type of event caters to Jeeps all of their events are open to all makes and models.

Dennis and I were two out of only three of the non-Jeeps in a fourteen truck group that included very built and a few brand new trucks. The group included an FJ, a nicely built Jeep on one-tons, a new Gladiator and a new Jeep 392!

Even though the 392 didn't run anything more than a "Green" it was pretty cool to see a $90g+ truck on the trails.

Half the group ran a "Red" trail, that Dennis and I had never ran before, to start the day.

It took most of the day and was awesome.

The whole group then ran a "Green" that had a few "Blue" type obstacles, then a few trucks did a "Red" type obstacle off a "Blue" trail. It was another first for us, very fun.

Although I felt a bit outcast by most of the attendees in the morning I felt well respected and welcomed by the end of the day, even receiving praise by a few. I found their staff knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging and friendly on the trail (kind like the folks at NEXterra).

It was raining most of the day which made for a slippery time but no one needed to be strapped, winched or repaired on the trails.

One of the cool things about running Rausch with these guys is that you don't have to purchase a Membership ($60) to run with them, just their fee ($45) the Rausch daily fee ($70). Still pricey but ya save a bit if you're not sure you're going to go to Rausch again during the year.

Even though I find running "Greens" with large groups that include folks new to the game a little boring I had a great time changing a few guys opinions of a Nissan Xterra.


I am not connected with them in any way besides being a onetime satisfied customer, just sharing so info. You can find out about them here: