New Tire And Wheel Fitment.

JustinAvionics Aug 1, 2020

  1. JustinAvionics

    JustinAvionics Test Drive

    Using Discount Tire tire and wheel program is hard to find what will fit on a stock Xterra, but if you change size up or down it gets complicated.

    The rep and I chose to go with Pro Comp Series 32 at 16x8 0-set and Falken Wildpeak AT3W at 165/75/R16. I went down a size from stock SE 17". They said I should add an extra 0.5" in diameter and 2" further out from stock.

    Does anyone have these sizes in pictures? I've seen some Tacoma's running the same size and look like what I'm aiming for. Suspension lift and body lift will come later when I upgrade to 32"+ tires

    Tires came in yesterday, waiting on wheels to come in. Price was $116 a wheel and $156 a tire + balance, lugnuts, warranty and mounting at just over $1400 with tax.

    I'll be either putting the old 17" SE wheels and tires on my Pathfinder or give them away to anyone in N. Texas area willing to pick them up.

    They have stock recommended size Michelin tires with 80% tread life left, the wheels are in ok shape, though they have oxidation on the inner rim and the clear coat isais peeling some oxidation on the face. Hit me up if anyone interested,
  2. TheCrabby1

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    Burtonsville, Md
    Those are the tire's I opted for since mine's my DD . Of course we had no snow to run them in this winter but wet road handling has been great , NO noise to speak of . I haven't had them off road yet as I'm just getting ready for that phase in my Xterra life :) Some pic's of them in Crabby's mild lift in Gen 2 suspension thread !! I do like the look's of the wildpeak MT's though , go figure :confused:

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