Nd4SpdSe 2001 Frontier turned Expedition Trailer - "The Frontrailer"

Nd4SpdSe Mar 17, 2015

  1. Prime

    Prime Some Kind of In Charge? Admin

    Suffolk, VA
    Man. You have the best adventures.

    And I agree. Having a dedicated camping trailer is the goal. Like you said, it makes it easy to just hitch up and go.
  2. Nd4SpdSe

    Nd4SpdSe First Fill-Up (of many)

    Quebec, QC
    Heh, thanks.

    I love the X. It's as much of a toy as it is a tool, a tool for life really, and you can do great things if you use it. It's got a great capacity, ability and capability to do many things and enrich one's life. Some people complain about the hobby about modifying vehicles as a waste of money and time, but there's many, many things that you can't put a price tag on. It's stuff like experience and experiences that make it all worth while. The stuff we learn, places we see, the people we meet along the way and thereafter the stories we have to tell.

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