1. rolling rock

    rolling rock First Fill-Up (of many)

    Computer guru's help needed. I am sure my e-mail is lost forever. I'll try to keep it short. Moved. Went with another provider. But kept verizon home page and e mail. It was still accessable here when the new net was hooked up. Plug by mistake was pulled out of computer. After that, no matter what i tried, i could not log back in. It asks for my username (e-mail ID) and a secret answer to a question that i totally forgot! Now, if you forget it, you can get a temp. pin number to log in, but only for the PRIMARY USER. Which i am not. The better half is. We tried logging her on, then off, then me, but no go. Hers is ok. I set up a new yahoo account, because i figured my old e-mail address is lost forever. Verizon was no help. Any tricks i might be missing?

    Thank you.

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