Looking for a Lighter Battery to Replace Current


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Hey Xers
I am working down in MS for hurricane ida home inspections. My 2004 X is currently up in MI in my dads garage in need of a new battery upon my return. The current is a very heavy Bosch that I would like to replace with a less heavy one but still have good function. Was looking at a 24 750 Exide from home depot with 3 year warranty for $109. Anybody have alternative ideas?
3.3 5speed manual.


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I think a group 24 battery is the larger of the batteries that will fit? Why do you want a lighter battery? Since most batteries share construction methods, they all weigh about the same.

There are only like 3 manufacturers of lead acid batteries left. Johnson, Exide and Interstate IIRC. And most of them have similar warranty. I've had good luck with the Wal-Mart brand top of the line batteries. They have the 3 year warranty and we've been using them for several years in my truck and the wife's car. I have the Autocraft Platinum AGM in my Xterra for the added strength of the internal construction for offroad use.


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Hey Terry
Looks like the average battery weight is just under 35lbs. The old Bosch I am replacing is 40lbs. The xterras are so heavy as it is I am looking to save any weight I can. The Exide from home depot has a $25 rebate which is nice. I just was not sure what choices I had. Thanks for reply and happy Tday


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The more schmootz they put in the battery, the more CCA it will have, hence more weight. I put a group 24F in my 2015. It fit the hole. Don’t know what the arrangement is in the earlier models, but the group 35 is a bit lighter and smaller than the group 24.


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5 pounds won't do anything for your mpg. That's like saying "I won't get groceries because it'll impact my fuel efficiency." your foot will have a larger impact.

You'll have to remove 100s of pounds to have a consistent measurable impact, change your driving style, or MAYBE look into a retune. These trucks are bricks on wheels.