LOKKA for 2010 R180 Front Diff

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So I bought a LOKKA automatic differential locker a while back. Was going to install today but scraped the plan when I realized I wouldn’t have enough time.

For giggles, stopped by a 4x4 shop for a quote. Didn’t giggle, more of a choke with them quoting $1450. For that much, I’ll definitely do it myself.

But, the tech was pretty adamant he wouldn’t use one of these in a daily driver. He said he’s seen many break.

I’ve read a lot in favor as well as many against the LOKKA. Of course air or electric is better.

My understanding is as long as 4x4 is not engaged, the LOKKA is not in use. If that’s the case, I can’t see where it would affect my daily driving.

Right now I wheel about once a month. I’m building this truck up much more than my last one and plan to wheel harder trails.

I’m looking for feedback from those that have actually installed one of these. After install would you recommend one? Did you notice a difference in your daily drive? I’m kinda on the fence now and not sure I want to put this in.


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If it was just me, I’d do it. But my X is a family rig, so I’m going to do an ARB up front so my wife doesn’t have to remember there’s a locker stuffed up front.

I don’t think the LOKKA would necessarily break in daily driving use. I think the weak link in the system is the housing, but if you’re not pounding it to death, it should be fine. If you’re looking to beat the piss out of the thing, then I’d consider running a 205 instead of a 180. But I’m speaking hypothetically here. My X spends most of the time holding the floor down in the garage.


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I'll add in a little here though I will add I don't have one in my X (yet). I had a ez locker in the front and rear of my CJ7. The ez locker is a "lunchbox locker" like the lokka where it just replaces the spider gears. The rear one eventually broke but keep in mind this is a daily driven trail rig at that point and I was running 35's with a 76:1 first gear ratio in low. It was constantly putting up with having to cam over on the street with parking maneuvers and getting absolutely beat on when on the trail. I ended up going with a full Detroit when it broke. The front on the other hand has never given me a issue. Not being subjected to the constant daily beating of the rear it has been a faithful and invaluable part of the team. I like the fact that when I engage it I know it's going to go. No possible air leak or failed wiring causing the locker to not engage. Yes the ARB is the best answer probably with a tougher unit all around and better manners but also lots more $$$$. So while it's easy for me to play fast and loose with your X I guess the short answer is as long as you're cool with the possible quirks I doubt breakage of the Lokka is going to be the issue should one arise.