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Hey Xterra Nation, put together some custom LED ring lights in the original housing without too much cutting so I figured I’d share for anyone needing some help. This is definitely the easiest way I’ve found and doesn’t require permanent cuts.
This was my 2004 Nissan Xterra before installation but after the restoration of the lens plastic.
Here is the brand of 7” jeep light that I decided to go with, ordered off amazon.
heres the link to the Lights.
An adapter is need to hook up the lights so I went with this 9007 to H4 female Adapter.

The first step is to remove the headlight housing from the Xterra completely and take off the grey/black cover plastic. Remove bulbs, rubber bits, two screws on the blinker side, and wiring harness. Prep the oven for 250°F and put both housings in for 14mins (or one at a time).
This is the easiest way to soften the glue on the plastic clear lens. It will allow it to pop right off with no effort (have a flat head screwdriver on hand to help with the clips).


The begin with the disassembly of the the center beam reflector. Unscrew the adjuster screw completely and pop the two clips on the other side holding the reflector housing in place. Once removed it should pop right out and you’ll be left with the inside of the back of the housing.
I recommend mocking up the wiring and preparing it so you can just plug right in to the existing stock headlight wiring.

Once ready, place the housing back into the eye socket holes of the xterra and put in both bolts that hold in the back of the housing in place.

Now comes the tricky part of getting it aligned. Easiest if you have a garage because you can see where the beam lands on the wall and control the ambient light. I used blue tape balls and clear tape going across the housing to secure the lights in a position that I liked with the beam facing the right angle.
Once secure, I went in with silicone lathered the back and left it over night.
The next morning I made sure it was secure and removed any tape and residue from the jeep light.
Leave the light as is and take the plastic along with a heat gun and slowly soften surrounding glue using vice grips helped me do it easier
then attach all rubber parts and both screws.
Finishing up is all just reassembly of the plastic cover and bumper.

Once all is done just wire up the DRLs to a switch or the existing running lights, and the blinker wire to the existing blinkers if you want the both to flash.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to add on to the thread
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