Leaf springs for Gen1 and other suspension


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Gen1 Xterra, 130k

What choices are there for new leaf springs?
I look at AllDogs and Nisstec but nothing?

OME? Do they fit Gen2 and Gen1?

The most expensive way, Alcans (might be faster going direct with them, not through Nisstec)..... but for Gen1:

A link from here... from 2014:

Good info everywhere, but times changes, experience increases, so any current day recommendations for Gen1 suspension, back. front?


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IIRC you’re looking at like KC Spring or General Spring, or maybe whatever local shop is good. This is all anecdotal tho, no first hand experience with first gen.


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For full replacement packs, you're going to Alcan, Deaver, or a local spring shop directly. That's all there really is anymore.


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Resurrecting a dead thread here. I am purchasing new leaf springs as mine are sagging. Mainly since I just added a shrockworks bumper but they seemed to be sagging a bit beforehand. What is the best option to support the added weight without a lift? Do I need to go Alcan or are those heavy duty General Springs set up to hold extra weight?