Key fob / door lock problem (not the usual)

Pancake81 Jan 4, 2019

  1. Pancake81

    Pancake81 Bought an X

    2002 Nissan Xterra
    3.3l supercharged
    Stock electrical/ CD player etc
    No LED interior lights

    Hi all,

    I am having a problem programming my remotes and need your help to solve this one.

    I have programmed my remotes for about 15 years on this vehicle and have done it about 40 times in the past, so I know the procedure well. But here is the problem I am having.

    I hop in the car, do my key insert until the hazards come on, turn the ignition to ACC, but when I push a button on my remote nothing is happening now....

    I changed the batteries in my main remote that I have used for a few years no, still no luck.

    I tried a new battery on my back up remote, no luck.

    I had a new remote I had not used before, tried that with a new battery, no luck.

    Checked all the door jamb switches to make sure they are functioning (as the process won’t work if it thinks a door is open), but they are all good.

    So... to make due I went to use the drivers side door with the key, turning twice to unlock or lock all doors, but it won’t activate the other locks (it only unlocks or locks the drivers side door). However, if I do the same on the rear hatch lock it WILL lock and unlock all doors...

    Interior lock and unlock switches all work as they should.

    Anyone have any ideas on this one?

    Thanks in advance

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