Junkyard wheel shopping


Bought an X
As my projects always take waaaaaayyyyy to long. I am hoping to finally get new wheels and tires soon.(actually I’ve been trying to burn through mine before replacing).
I am currently leveled out with torsion bar levering. Then added 2in body lift. If needed I will get shackles and reindex.
I am hoping to hit the local ish junkyard and see if they have anything that fits my needs…..but….
Can someone recommend something that has the correct back spacing or offset I need so I don’t rub? I have the backspacing written down somewhere but can’t remember right now, I just don’t know what vehicles to hit up….appreciate your thoughts and comments.


Butterfly Wings
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Allen, Texas
Well, hmm. Your 6 lug pattern is pretty common and shared by all kinds of things, even Escalades, and lots of other Chevys and Fords. Couple problems, one being offset and the other being the center bore of the wheels. I think the center bore on an Xterra is right at 100mm, maybe 100.3.

So I would do a little looking to see what is out there that would fit. If its too big, thats easy enough with hubcentric rings. If its too small, youd have to do work on the wheels to make it fit and I dont think that would be fun.

Im happy to help you if you see something you like, and we can puzzle it out from there!