Is This A Stupid Idea?

Henry Apr 26, 2020

  1. Henry

    Henry Test Drive

    Tucson AZ
    I was wondering if it would be stupid to put a Neodynium magnet on the drain plugs (From Diff, Oil, Rear diff)?
  2. TerryD

    TerryD Total Tease Supporting Member

    Covington, Va
    It wouldn't hurt. If you try to change the fluids when they're hot they run out faster and tend to carry more contaminants with them.

    You'd want to be sure you secure it because a magnet bouncing around inside the differentials would cause more damage than a few metal flakes.
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  3. AlbatrossCafe

    AlbatrossCafe Bought an X

    Western WA
    They make drain plugs that have magnets on them. I would get one of those before just trying to stick a random magnet to the end of your current drain plug...

    I use one on my motorcycle for oil and it is always interesting so see a big glob of metal shavings on the end of it with every change.
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  4. CocoLoco74

    CocoLoco74 Test Drive

    Ha ha, I just bought a set to do the gas filler door, I think that if the magnet will stick to the drain plug you should be good. I would be concerned with it transferring to oil pan or as TerryD stated sticking to other internals. Once they stick they are usually set. In my experience with the filler door, they are so powerful just getting on edge they tend to go off on their own. As long as it does not transfer when pulling plug you should be fine. I am concerned with my gas door I might not be able to open it

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