Brien Jacobsen Apr 5, 2019

  1. Brien Jacobsen

    Brien Jacobsen Test Drive

    Living in Idaho, owning an Xterra since '02, AND just about living for the hunting, fly fishing, running white water in many rivers, it all has afforded countless times to enjoy driving in the back country. Idaho has plenty of mixed terrain and with a set of chains, I've always gotten out of sticky places. A limited slip rear end is the only wish I have. Driving highways is a dream comfort trip also. Love the suspension BTW.

    Maintenance during this time has also been great. Replacing the timing belt at 75 k miles and some new gaskets has cost a total of less than a grand. Can't complain with this at all.

    Today the only problem is with the locking mechanism. Just can't do it with the remote key lock. The dealer says there's no fix.....too old. Somewhere a long time ago I read of a way to fix the system but it eludes me.

    Is there someone who has the secret here ?
  2. harryron

    harryron Titan Swapped / SAS'd Supporting Member

    Welcome from Ohio
  3. Hetzer

    Hetzer Bought an X Supporting Member

    Land of OZ
    Welcome from the Wheat State. Wish I could offer some advice, but l got nothing. Personally, not a fan of electric door locks. When the central locking started acting up on my daily driver ( not an X) like deciding to lock itself every time l closed the door, I pulled the fuse and went old-school.

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