I need to Bend back bumper, what's underneath?


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I have a 03 Xterra and bumper is bent. The bumper cover, the outer plastic is fine, but it's bent down, I hit a car, rear-ended. Macco wants to replace the brackets and underside bumper with a cost of $450! If I take off the bumper myself, what will I probably be doing? What's underneath that is bent, can anyone tell me what I'll probably be fixing or replacing? I'll post a picture.


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Take off your wheel and you will see, that's the easiest. Should be a long skinny bracero support lower and I think a screw up top. Been a bit since mine was off. Looks like your fender hit a bit tweak too?


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The actual bumper is just a tube with some gussets mounted to the frame. If you remove the lower silver piece in the middle of the bumper cover, that's the actual "bumper."

What you're looking at there is just a plastic cover held up by some bracketry. You should be able to junk yard / eBay source the brackets and it should look like new.