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Prime Oct 22, 2017

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    As many of you know, photobucket ufcked a lot of people and a lot of forums by holding their pictures for ransom. Demanding $400 a year for 3rd party hosting privileges. Since that's bullshiat, We here at XN have been combing through all of your posts and fixing them for you by re-hosting the images on But since we can't be everywhere, and may miss some here and there I've decided to do a quick how to.

    This will show you how to easily fix the images in YOUR posts. Do you have a build thread full of Photobucket pictures? This post is for you. Help us and the community at large by re-hosting your pictures. So, here we go.

    These instructions REQUIRE Google Chrome. I don't know if there is an extension for FireFox that will do the same, or if you'll be able to even get to the pictures if you don't use this extension.

    First thing to do is go to this URL:

    And install this extension. What this does is make it so that your copy of Chrome can bypass the stupid bullshiat and actually see the images.

    Now, I know someone is going to say, "Well if this fixes the issue and allows you to see the images, then why do I need to fix my pictures?"

    And to that I say,

    It's not all about you. Not everybody uses Chrome, not everybody will install the extension, this is about the XN community. So stick with me.

    After you've installed the Chrome extension, go to the post in question.

    You'll no longer see this:

    You should see the image as it was intended. But remember, it's not about you. heh.

    So click the Edit button at the bottom of the post:
    (Note, you will not have all of these options. But if it's your post you will have Edit)

    Now the edit window comes up:

    Click on the image in question, and you'll get this window:

    Select that ENTIRE URL, and right click on it. Select Go To http://whateveryoururlis:

    When you click that, Chrome will open up a new tab with the image and another URL, highlight and copy THAT URL:

    Now open up a new tab and go to No account or login information is required. If you'd like to track your own pictures then you can create an account and link them to an account. But I haven't been doing that. I've just added the pictures anonymously.

    At the top of the window you'll see a green "new post" button:

    When you click it, it launches a pop up that asks you to upload the image or you can paste a URL. Paste the copied URL from your other tab into that box:

    Once that loads, you'll have a new page with your image on it. If you move your mouse to the upper right corner of the image, a drop down menu will appear. You're going to click the link labeled "Get share links":

    When you click that you'll be presented with 4 blue buttons, each with its own formatting. The one you want is the lower left one. Click the blue "Copy" button next to the code:

    Now go back to your edit post tab, and close out the image box using the X in the upper right corner:

    When you return to the regular edit screen you'll notice that your picture is kind of tinted. As if it's highlighted. Well, it is. Press the Backspace (or Delete on Mac), and the image will go away. Poof.

    Now paste your new image URL with the tags into the post:

    Repeat as necessary for however many images are in that post. Once you have done them all, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the Edit window:

    That's all there is to it. We'll keep working to get things fixed. But if you come across your own posts that are broken, you can now be part of the solution. Instead of the other thing.
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