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Test Drive
I just bought my 2nd Xterra a 2006 S. I plan to do a serious build on it, well as much as possible, and keep it my daily driver. I found a nice clean 2006 S, family, daily driver. It has not been messed with 158k miles. Very strong and clean. I just did both the cam and crack sensors OEM series D, plugs, throttle body, valve cover gaskets, differential gasket and service, oil and air cleaner. Koyo radiator is on order. A lot more is planned.
My 2009 SE was rear-ended on April 02 and was totaled due to frame damage. I am still out of work and recovering, concussions suck. Drunk driver hit me at a stop light, racing another car. That said as much as I loved my 2009, it took me some amazing places, and never failed me. I always wanted to Overland mod, a 2005-2008, so when you get lemons, make lemonade. There are some parts from the 2009, that live on in the 2006, so I named her Phoenix. My Cattle Dogs are my Navigator and Co-Pilot and were very upset with "their" truck gone. I don't think they liked the rental Tacoma much, nor did I. The night I brought the 2006 home, black like the 2009, I asked Ruger, is that your truck? his tail started going, he did a dance around it. They are happy to have their truck home, so am I. Phoenix is going to be a good one.
I look forward to learning, and getting out and adventuring, and maybe meeting some local Xterra owners.


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Welcome from California! Glad you are back in an X after the accident; and hope you get back in work soon.