GoneMOAB 2022 - I need help


Some Kind of In Charge?
I know we're still a week and change form gone. But I wanted to post this so we could start talking about it.

For next year, gone is 100% my responsibility. And I need help.

A few things are changing in Grand County. There's a new permit fee that involves organized gatherings of more than 99 people. We are only at 62 people this year and we're not doing gatherings. But this is a wierd small year. I think we'll be well over that next year.

What does this mean for people who come to gone?

It gets more expensive. Which sucks. But I have a plan.

If anybody is willing to contribute to next year's event, I will cover your ticket cost.

What does contribute mean?

I don't have time to do all this shiat myself. I plan on doing all of the permitting, insurance, and registration stuff.

I need help with sponsors, trails, local stuff. A lot. There's a lot that makes this thing work.

So if you're coming this year and you're interested in helping out next year, come talk to me at the condo.

If you're interested in coming next year and helping out, let me know.

Thanks guys.

Teamwork makes the dream work.