Gear disengages while driving or going reverse.


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hi all.

i just went through this weird thing yesterday. was parking and as i put my gear into reverse it Revs like its on neutral , second incident was while driving on a highway speed (120KM/hr) the gear suddenly went "empty" like i put it into neutral.

in both cases i switched off the car and it went normal as i switched it back on.

any ideas? Scan would tell? low on ATF? the car is "off road" 2012 with 190K Kms (118K Miles).


Test Drive
update: i went for a scan and it showed two errors with Transmission
P1774 LC brake solenoid
P1731 1st gear engine braking.

the guy did a reset and everything looks fine.

but what are these errors? and do you think they would show again?


Test Drive
Hardeeville SC
Well it seems you and I have/ had the same problem. But always put it off and now it seems I lost the revs gear, and likely will need to buy a new trans. Will be taking the little girl to get her checked out like now soon.