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12° North Industries Jul 29, 2018

  1. 12° North Industries

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    Near The Pointy End, NV
    September, we are looking to do another giveaway from the 12° North Industries AO..

    I thought it would be worth asking the opinions of those showing either interest or new interest if it met a broader group. I have a hard time understanding T-shirts, stickers, and patches beat out a winch and Visa gift cards.. but hey

    We would have to keep in mind cost factors, rules, applicable demographics themselves, possibly the universal role the product may have since we do cater to a few specific platforms but with a more universal approach would fit a larger demographic for participation.

    Thoughts invited below, tell us your thoughts.
  2. thecoalition

    thecoalition Call me Daddy

    Richmond, Va
    If people want patches and a shirt over a card or winch...ill pm you my address so you can ship the better items here.
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