FS: GoPro Hero 3 white edition w/accessories

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Lincoln, NE
A [barely] used GoPro Hero 3- white edition. Full 1080 HD video at 30fps or 720 at 60fps. Comes with:
-waterproof case
-usb cord
-3 batteries (1 original 2 aftermarket $40)
-headband mount ($20)
-suction cup mount ($30)
-assorted sticky mounts and mounting hardware ($10)
-soft case to put everything in ($40)

total at about $340

I'm sure I'm missing a few things so I will add if I remember them. It's only been used once and it was to record my first 3 gun match. I was planning on using it for my motorcycle, but I sold it.

I'm asking $280 shipped OBO.
Not open for further replies.