FS: 2006 Xterra Off Road 6MT Yellow in Edmonton, AB Canada


First Fill-Up (of many)
I am selling my 06, has a few mods on it, and a bit of age. I wanted to keep it, but I just don't have the time to keep fixing the small little issues that keep coming up with its age, and need a reliable vehicle and currently only have space/finances for one. It's a solid base if you want to do a good off-road build, or if have the time/ability to keep up with the parts that keep breaking on a higher-mileage vehicle.

Asking $3000 CAD OBO.
Mileage: 302k kms

The good:
- Kenwood DPX-502BT Stereo replacing the stock Rockford Fosgate head unit, using the proper pre-outs for the amp
- King front suspension with remote res
- OME rear leafs
- Trailer brake controller
- All new spark plugs
- New battery about 8 months ago
- Recently replaced the cam and crank sensors about 8 months ago
- Front tie rod ends and swaybar links replaced about 6 months ago
- Front wheel bearings replaced in the last year
- Alberta vehicle, so not too much rust for its age
- I've kept up on all regular maintenance

The bad:
- Kings probably need rebulding soon
- No skid plates
- Right rear speed sensor is dead. I just replaced the left rear, then the right decided to go... As a result, ABS is currently not working.
- P0430 is pending. Had the P0420 and P0430 on, but they disappeared when I replaced the sparks, so not sure if this is an actual issue, or just the engine re-learning the mixes.
- Rear diff lock is flaky. I think the sensor is having issues because we can sometimes get it to lock.
- Black steel rims only (although it actually looks pretty good with those, so not sure if bad or not...). Tires are winters, might need replacing soon. Are the stock 265/75r16 size. They might have working TPMS sensors, not 100% sure. Spare is still there, it might be the factory one...
- Windshield has a few chips and cracks in it
- Usual dents and dings from taking it places to keep up its namesake

It has been in 1 accident about 70k kms ago, wasn't bad enough to be written off.

With suspension upgrades and 255/85r16s that I was running, it had about 1.5"-2" of lift.

I am at least the second owner, I've had it for about 85k kms. Other than oil changes, I've done pretty much all of the maintenance/fixes/upgrades myself, with required assistance from my mechanic friend.

I can pull all the current engine codes if you want, and will get pictures as soon as it stops raining around here.