Front/rear bumpers

Red River Jun 11, 2018

  1. Red River

    Red River Test Drive

    Looking for the most economical bumper choices. New to xterras.
  2. AdventureRider81

    AdventureRider81 Test Drive

    Long Beach
    Most economical choice is usually the one closest to you to save on shipping. Maybe even find a fab shop close by that will custom fab one for you if you let them have your Xterra for a few tests. Others on the more economical side are

    -ARB (can be found on sell a few times a year)
    -Hardcore Offroad
    -Dezert Runner Offroad
    -Black Widow Gear is the lowest cost winch bumper i have found (quality could be spotty). the dollar is strong compared to canada. Exchange rate is heavily in your favor.
    -Tube bumpers tend to be less expensive.

    little more expensive. (possibly worth it)

    -Hefty Fabworx
    -Blue Lake offload
    -Iron Bull
    -Coastal Offroad
    -Expedition One
    -Maxterra/Max Gear (rear only) Several options low and high cost. Great fitment/quality. Contacted through email only. Can be found on forum.

    i'm sure I am missing few. There should be plenty of threads on it.
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  3. maillet282

    maillet282 Suspension Lift Supporting Member

    Ontario Canada
    I would avoid Iron bull. They don’t send any nuts and bolts when you purchase the bumper as well as the bed liner coating peals off too easy. And I’ve had alignment issues with it to the point I had to have a fab shop fix a couple things to install it
  4. Red River

    Red River Test Drive

    Thanks for the info. You know they’re expensive when currency rate of exchange is a factor. Lol
  5. Prawn

    Prawn Bought an X

    Las Vegas
    Good luck brother. Check CL often, buying used will save you the most money.
  6. Red River

    Red River Test Drive

    I’ve been checking regularly. I’ve found a couple local guys that seem to do good work. I think we’ll start with the rear and see how they do.
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