Front Axle Drop Options

bm2004x Nov 27, 2019

  1. bm2004x

    bm2004x Test Drive

    United States
    Just wondering if anyone had dropped the front axle/ diff other than the 1" or less gotten from the offset bushing replacement. I was looking that front cross member and flipping it upside down may even work or replacing it with square tube and using the lower bolt only? the rear cross member for the front diff is tougher. cutting some plate with 2 holes drilled almost like a short shackle for leaf springs and welding the plate in place. So all the original bushings but it could drop almost 2 inches. CV shafts should clear the LCA's and 2" less ground clearance is no big deal. I have full 3" lift and full lock in 4WD really binds the CVS's on dry pavement. Don't want to drop the whole thing and cut the stupid bushings out for only 7/8".

  2. Bklyn.X

    Bklyn.X Sliders Supporting Member Founding Member

    Brooklyn, NY
    This^ is the old SLR kit installed in the cross-member and front bracket. Plus the bushing than goes in the diff. Getting those OEM bushings out is a pain.
    Served me well.

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