Fog light removal on 2004 Xterra


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Can anyone tell me how to remove the fog lights out of my 2004 Xterra? I have new replacements to put in, and don’t want to pay shop to do it. I’ve removed the 10 mm bolt on the bottom, and have gotten the retainer clip out on one side, but still can’t get the fog light to budge. Is there something I’m missing? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Crap, I just saw this. Did you get it figured out? That 10mm bolt on the bottom is the main thing holding them in. What all did you undo?


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At least on a 2002 you need to undo all the wiring harnesses first. Some you can twist out the bulb holder but others you undo the screw and push the entire light out the front and then unscrew the bulb holder to replace the bulb. I used an H3 led Not sure if this is the same for a 2004 or not