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Nissan3161 Jul 16, 2018

  1. Nissan3161

    Nissan3161 Bought an X

    I have listed some of this stuff before but it never sold and I'm tired of it sitting in the garage so I'm re-listing some of it and some of it is new. I will ship some of the smaller parts but it will be on the buyers dime. All parts have roughly 180,000 miles on the unless other wise noted

    The list:
    Oem front driveshaft good u joints (will not ship) $25

    Calmini idler arm brace 5000 miles light powder coat chipping $40

    Two sets of front auto locking hubs with fixed cam assys one set has 182,000 and the other has 220,000 miles both worked when pulled $40 per set

    Oem front brake calipers worked when pulled $20 for both

    Oem ac condenser no holes will probably need mud cleaned out but came off a vehicle with working ac $20
    Will not ship

    Two ac compressors one has 182,000 miles the other 220,000 both vehicles had working ac when pulled $30 a piece will ship but they are heavy could be expensive

    I may add more to this as I decide what to do with my big pile of parts that is slowly becoming to big for my garage will post pics of any parts that anyone is interested in. I'm located in mount Vernon Ohio just trying to sell theses parts because I want to see them go to a good home and not get thrown away/ scrapped.

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  2. GuardianAngel

    GuardianAngel Test Drive

    Hey boss I'm interested in a few things. Give me a shout when. You can , could there be a bulk price break lol? Consider possibility send ilill compile a list tomm
  3. Neogixxer

    Neogixxer Test Drive

    I’m interested in just the fix cam assembly from the auto locking hubs. Could I just get those from ya ?

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