February 2020 Totm!

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Rules here; https://www.xterranation.org/index.php?threads/build-of-the-month-rules.9175/ and below


  1. Post 1 picture of your Xterra doing something awesome. If you didn't take the pic, you must have the photographer's permission.
  2. 1 submission per user per month.
  3. Nominees must own the Xterra in order to be nominated for BOTM.
  4. Nominees must have a XN Build Thread link associated with the nomination.
  5. ALL photos entered MUST follow Treadlightly rules. Any photo that does not meet the Treadlightly rules will be removed.
  6. Users who have won XOTM in the current calendar year are not eligible. (1 win per year)

Submissions will be accepted from Feb 1-19. Voting will commence via Poll on Feb 20 and end the last day of the month.

Winner of each month will need to submit 3 hi res photos of his/her Xterra to be featured on the front page picture scroll

In January, we will pit the previous year's winners against each other for the title of Xterra of The Year!

Lets see them ladies and gentlemen.
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BUILD: https://www.xterranation.org/index.php?threads/jeffnjm3-xxxterra.8873/


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