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Cptpackrat May 31, 2017

  1. Cptpackrat

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    Gillette WY
    So in conjunction to my R34 Radiator I am looking at doing some form of auxiliary fan that can be turned on and off from a switch located in the cab of my rig. This would allow me to flip it on and have airflow through the radiator during no moving or slow moving situations on the trail.

    Here is my questions. Would a puller fan located behind the radiator between the factory clutch fan be a good idea being there is only about 2.75-3" worth of space, or would this be a major risk or the clutch fan hitting the e-fan? Would this cause less flow being pulled by the factory clutch fan or would there still be enough flow?

    With a small pusher fan located on the front of everything would this give enough airflow to keep temps down? This fan would be mounted in front of the AC condenser and the trans coolers and would have to push air through both before it reached the radiator.

    Im not sure which route would provide a better more consistent airflow and the goal is to keep my on trail temps around 185-190*F. Any recommendations on E-fans would be awesome as well! Anything is possible and will be considered and I will continue to update this as I progress.
  2. Riz98

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    lemoore, ca
    Curious to see what ever came of this. Any updates?

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