EGR Valve Delete

BEEFY Oct 10, 2018

  1. BEEFY

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    Prince George, BC, Canada
    Working on getting rid of codes in my wife's 2000 frontier. Getting one for the EGR. I go to make sure the lines are connected and there is no EGR valve. The port is covered and there is a plug in the exhaust manifold. I go look at my 2000 xterra parts rig, and same thing. So did the 2000 nissan VG3.3 not come with an EGR valve. If so how do I get rid of the code.
  2. Nissan3161

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    My 2000 xterra has egr and I have come across some with out it. Has the ecm been changed out? Maybe it got changed to one from a truck with egr and now it doesn't know what to do with out the valve?

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