Doug Thorley Let All Californian Xterra and Frontier owners down.

chrishaynesusa Jul 24, 2015

  1. chrishaynesusa

    chrishaynesusa Bought an X

    I have reviewed this website and prerunnerparts was the first to advertise Doug Thorley Short tube headers here.

    In 2008 ( over 7 years ago)
    They were advertised as 50 state legal.


    From their own website......
    The Shortie Header works great in applications where space is limited, and a Long Tube or Tri-Y header just won’t fit.
    Easy installation, more power and better fuel economy make the Shortie a winner.

    Street legal in all 50 states (most applications)
    Compact design – great for tight spaces
    Tough 3/8â€￾ flanges and thick wall steel tubing
    Compliant with the toughest emission standards
    Super easy installation
    100% Made in America
    Durable ceramic coating

    Doug Thorley NEVER tested them! They submitted the paperwork for California but NEVER tested them!
    The test cost $5K and now when California is being extra stringent in their air requirements Smog test facilities will not examine any Doug Thorley Headers on our Xterras.
    The smog station I just returned from even called Doug Thorley to ask them since the DMV includes paperwork submitted on their response to Doug Thorley part numbers.
    When I called they admit to dropping the Ball and point to numerous people changes there.
    When asked if they will submit a vehicle with their headers for testing the responded that they don't believe it to be worth the cost of testing(from the sales manager).

    Since I cant pass smog testing I will have to remove the DT's and reinstall stock exhaust manifolds.
    ( ordered from Nissan today,..... yeah who the hell keeps stock manifolds laying about for 7 + years)
    For those of you guys in other states that say "not my problem" this is a company that is located in California.

    If a company wont take care of the people in their place of business what will they do for you?


    Doug Thorley Headers
    803 Parkridge Ave.
    Corona, CA 92879

    Toll Free: (800) 347-8664
    General Info: (951) 739-5900

    What kind of company advertises "50 state compliance" and wont even make sure you can run them in the state they are located in?


    As I got off the phone today I told them...
    "There is a special place in hell for you SOB's and I will make it my mission in life to speak poorly of your products and business practices.

  2. slantyshanty

    slantyshanty Bought an X

    'Merica (DFW)
    Since they falsely advertised the product did they give you your money back? If not, I would suspect a lawsuit would apply.
  3. Planetcat

    Planetcat Test Drive

    Northern California
    I would be equally as angry. If you are in SoCal, take them to small claims court. The timeline between 2008 and now is a bit confusing though. Were they actually legal back then?
  4. emtmark

    emtmark Wheeling

    San Fransisco Bay aRea
    That sir is skullduggery and stinks of malarkey! [emoji35]

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  5. lbishop

    lbishop Need Bigger Tires

    Polk County,TN
    That makes me not want to order a set of these

    Rugged rocks has the gen 1 thoryleys labeled as off-road use only. Wonder why the 2nd gens slipped through the crack and got labeled 50 states legal? Rugged rocks has no mention of the 2nd gen version being specifically for off-road use

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