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TheFauxFox Apr 14, 2015

  1. TheFauxFox

    TheFauxFox Titan Swapped / SAS'd Founding Member

    Tuscaloosa, AL
    A few of us have recently had an issue with double posts, myself included. I know for certain that I am not double clicking to submit.

    I'm not sure if this problem is related to another problem I've had recently with posts taking an extended time to submit. After clicking submit, I am sometimes prompted to "Leave this page" or "Stay on Page." Regardless of my selection, I sometimes get an error page with either a session time-out or missing page message.

    I have only found this problem on desktops listed below, but cannot report on iOS-Safari/Chrome:

    Dell Precision T3600
    Windows 7 Pro
    Intel Xeon
    32GB RAM
    Mozilla Firefox v37.0.1

    "School Build"
    Windows 7 Home
    Intel Core i5
    8GB RAM
    Mozilla Firefox v37.0.1
  2. metzican

    metzican Suspension Lift

    Lafaytte, la
    I have had an issue when I get that promp then it goes to the error page too sometimes. Luckily I have not gotten the error page in a while.
  3. Intender

    Intender Wheeling

    Lewisville NC
    I have been getting the prompt about leaving the page for a long time now, probably 6 months or more. However I just recently had my first double post
  4. drbandkgb

    drbandkgb Titan Swapped / SAS'd Founding Member

    hmmm.. I will look into this..

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