Does off-roading damage your car?

Snoopy13 Mar 4, 2018

  1. Snoopy13

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    Greater Boston Area
    I'm new to this and was wondering does off-roading damage your car at all? And if it does are there ways to protect it ? When you were a newbie to off-roading was there some stuff you wish you knew before going out on that first trip?
  2. Fromfrontier2Xterra

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    Altoona, PA
    There is always a chance of damaging your X if you take it off road. Be safe and go with an experience wheeler. Always take recover gear or be with someone who has it. (Snatch strap, tree saver, shackles, etc.) Never ever ever use a chain. It’s dangerous and potentially lethal.

    Have your experienced trail lead explain why certain lines were chosen. Also, never be afraid to ask for a spot. Over confidence is usually what leads to potential damage.
  3. thecoalition

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    Richmond, Va
    Body damage is bound to happen at some point. Whether it's a scrape or dent. Things break while I'm more difficult terrain. If you are afraid of this then I suggest you stick with dirt roads and green trails (beginner).

    Most of us who wheel harder trails have accepted that something is eventually going to break or get damaged.
  4. Prime

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    Suffolk, VA
    It has the potential to, absolutely. Just like everyone else has said, shiat happens. I've suffered some pretty good body damage over the years, but I've yet to have a major mechanical break. And I'm not easy on anything. Honestly, it's one of my favorite things about the X. The fact that I can wheel it hard and I'm not really worried about breaking stuff.
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  5. Bklyn.X

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    Yes, off-roading damages your car.

    Every time you take your truck off road you are using it at its full potential. If the damage isn’t obvious things are being worn at a faster rate than if you are driving to the mall…or parked in a climate controlled garage.

    Everyone’s off-road journey is different with many levels folks are willing to reach for but it is basically an exercise in resilience.

    I agree with the posts above; start on “Green” or “Stock” trails” with an experienced group that is willing to show you the way and look out for you. See what it’s like then decide if you like it.

    I see you’re in the “Greater Boston Area”. There is a “Stock” friendly run next month west of you in Sturbridge, MA with a great group of folks. A bit of info HERE.

    It would be a perfect place to start, you would be welcome and have a great time.
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  6. granitex

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    Columbus OH
    Damage is not a fore gone conclusion when going off road, a lot of it depends on where you are going and the types of obstacles you are attempting. I could lead you down Hells Revenge in Moab with no damage. But most of us have spent a lot of time and money modifying our trucks do do very different things.

    The suggestion of learning to learn wheel what you have stock, before you make any changes. Reading through the different build threads will give you a good idea what we have done and why we have done it.

    I personally love wheeling with newbs, I try to slot them in the middle of the pack, rite behind someone with some experiance that I know how they wheel, and what lines they will take.

    Having your own recovery gear is a must, you don't have to have everything possable, straps, shackles, recovery points, the normal stuff.

    To go camping and fire roads you really don't have to do much of anything. Mine has a solid front axle, lockers front and rear, armor, winch, lights, big tires and gears, with an open exhaust. It is about as un-civalized as a daily driven truck could be.

    If you could make it to WentWindrock this year you could learn a lot about yourself, your truck, meet some great people, and just over all have a great time.
  7. Tay-Lo

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    Upstate SC
    As lomg as you take it easy you should be fine. Ive been to WENT 3 years with the X and 1 time i just rode also been to windrock several other time. So far no body damage just a lot of scratches and the bottom has been dragged along a lot of stuff because i havent lifted yet. My only protection is rock sliders amd front bumper and i do greens and blues.

    Basically if you go anywgere your paint job will show it but its very possible to avoid any real damage if youre careful.

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