DIY Rear Cargo Shelf


Bought an X
Hello everyone hope you all doing well !!
So sometime ago .. I made my own rear cargo shelf for my Xterra as buying online for $600+ is way way out of my budget ..
I bought some stuff and spend a day making it measuring it and stuff like that but in the end it came out great ! really happy how it turned out .
Also mounted my new air compressor there ( video about that coming in the future ) and it gives so much extra space . And last weekend one of my friends asked me to make him out too
So I did and now he is super happy as well ))
Just wanted to share it all with you guys.. I have a full video here how I made it.. but depending on the brackets you can get/use for legs blots might be different .
I am thinking on changing brackets in the future maybe .. but in reality it not necessary

My Shelf.

My friends truck before and after .


Link to the full video.

I hope this video might be helpful to you guys !