Digital tire air pressure gauge


First Fill-Up (of many)
What do folks use/recommend to measure tire air pressure?

I was using a couple of Tru-Flate digital gauges purchased at a local Lordco auto parts shop. Then I gave one of them away to the son of a friend and purchased a new one -- an Ultra Pro -- from a Napa Auto Parts shop.

The new Ultra Pro measured 1 1/2 to 2 lb. less air than the Tru-Flate. At first I thought the Ultra Pro was off but after comparing the gauges to a professional shop gauge at a nearby Kal Tire shop, I realized that the Tru-Flate gauges were off. :-(


I tend to run the tires on the X at 35/36 lb. pressure and up to 38/39 lb. if fully loaded. The tires are rated 44 lb. I have noticed any unusual wear on the tires to date.