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Hey All,
Just got back from a trip doing the old Mojave Road. For those of you familiar, against my better judgement, I bent to peer pressure and completed the Afton Crossing. After the Afton crossing and before the train trestle is another developing hole...and here the bottom is soft; I got completely stuck. All told, I probably sat in water for 30+ minutes. After Afton, I heard a squealing from my engine, but I had walked away to help another driver. I asked someone to check and they said it was the belt. So I thought nothing of it.

Flashforward 4 hours and we are in Soda Dry Lake...my battery and brake light come on. I notice my battery is almost dead..."wtf? Oh ufck that squealing was my alternator" I think. I radio my group and we decide to press on knowing we can recharge my batteries with one of their rigs and a charger if necessary.

Two hours later, alternator starts working again. Whew works for the rest of the day and all the next day, and the first half of the third day. After we finish the trail, as I'm driving home I stop to get gas twice. The second time after 5 hours driving on highway, when I start the car, I notice I've stopped charging again.

This seems abnormal. I know I need to check a few things, but I'm a bit lost on the specifics for our rig:

The rig: 2013, dual battery, mean green alternator.

1. Wiring: I know I need to check whether all my wires are connected and tight.
2. I deleted the fuse link for the alternator, no issue there.
3. ECM plug. Could this be the issue if mud got inside? How to clean?
4. Bearings??? It didn't make noise after the initial squeal.

Anything else? Tips or tricks? Getting our alternators off is a pain and this particular alternator especially a bitch to get mounted so I'm not anxious to remove. Anything I test BEFORE removal is highly preferred.

Also it's DUMPING rain so all this will have to wait till Monday or Tuesday.

And yes, I learned my lesson, less than axel deep from now on.

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