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Here's my new weapon. It's based off of an M-4. I wanted it similar to what I carried in Afghanistan it's more comfortable then the M-16 A4 that most of the others had to carry. I'll have to come back and edit some of the info cause I have look at it better and get some better pics of it but here's she be.

Round: 5.45 x 39 (Russian AK-74 round)

Barrel length:

Sights: M-4 front sights and removable carrying handle with the standard adjustable sights.

Optics: Osprey Global Compact 2.5X10 MD w/ green laser. Green/ Red / Black options for illumination

Upper: 5.45x39 1 in 8" twist quad rail barrel cover, top rail all across the top

Lower: MAG tactical


More info to come....

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