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Apologies all around.

So some of you know, that we've had a few minor issues with our email for the last 6-8 months or so. A few emails were not quite getting through or some were getting filtered as spam for some strange reason. Well, we've been trying to figure this issue out for a while, and it seems to have gotten worse lately. Unfortunately, we had no idea how bad it had gotten. We just found what we think has been the problem, and it turns out it was way worse than we thought, lol. Turns out we've been missing upwards of 20-40 emails a day from customers, and only about 60% of the proofs were actually making it out. On this end everything seemed just find, but we were getting more and more people asking us where their proofs were, when we had sent them out weeks before. We try not to make people feel rushed to respond to an email or an invoice, (we know life sometimes gets in the way), so after we send them out, we just wait to here back from them. However, sometimes we would never here back, and that started to concern us more and more. That's when we started digging deep into the crazy system we have here.

Because of how many sites we run, our emails are bounced through several different severs all over, and sometimes they fail to communicate quite right. What we finally found out (hopefully anyways, lol) was, one of our hosting companies decided to upgrade a few of our servers for better speed and security, (which was very nice of them), however, they failed to tell us about it. So the security was set so high on them, tons of our emails were getting headed off at the pass, lol. (I'll have to say though, it was nice getting virtually no spam, lol).

We have no idea how many emails were actually lost, but we know it's a lot. (we did manage to salvage some here and there)

We greatly apologize to anyone we have not responded to lately, or any inconveniences that this has caused.

So, if you are one of those people (who now probably hates me for being so flaky, lol), please send us another email, so hopefully we can get everything back on track. Please start from the beginning of the request with all the info, because we don't really know what has come through and what hasn't. We did manage to salvage some of the old emails like I said, but starting from the beginning I think is best. Please be patient though, because I think we are going to have a whole crap ton of stuff coming in all at once, while we get caught up, lol.

Once again, I'm very sorry about all of this.

***On a huge plus note though, even with all of this craziness, we still never missed a single paid order from going out on time. Every one of them got shipped without any issues.*** This is largely due to the fact that the order pages and Paypal do not pass through any external servers, they go directly from there to a yahoo account.

So rest assure, if you order from any of the order pages, or receive an invoice from us, the order with go through no problem and will get shipped on time. (we haven't missed one yet, lol)
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