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westslope Jan 28, 2020

  1. westslope

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    Wildfire country, BC
    Let me guess. Many if not most of us are mail-ordering replacement and upgrade components from the USA or the Gulf of Persia because they are so bloody expensive in Canada, especially the OE parts.

    If I understand correctly, this applies not just to Nissan parts but to other auto brand parts in Canada too.

    I am economics-trained so I understand the pricing models and I do understand the 'price to market' strategy that multinational companies typically use. But the Canadian markups are just bloody ridiculous!

    For context, I am a very free market friendly guy. I have also grown accustomed to higher retail prices for just about everything in the interior of British Columbia. Combine distances with steep mountains and small markets and prices are often higher. Living in God's Country comes at a price.

    Other than venting my frustration, I would like to ask: what do you folks do to procure components? What is your strategy? Experiences?

    My current strategy:

    0. Browse various Nissan dealership and nissan part websites in the USA for part numbers. Then shop at:




    4. regional Nissan dealership in Kamloops BC for small orders

    5. A local Lordco Auto Parts retail outlet for generic items that I require without delay because otherwise, it is horribly expensive.

    I used to roam auto wrecker yards for the 1993 WD-21 pathfinder but now we live too far away from any decent junk yard. Have any of you had any luck in junk yards? I tried a few years ago when still living in Greater Vancouver and the pickings for Nissan Xterras were slim to non-existent.

    Comments? Suggestions?
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  2. BEEFY

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    Prince George, BC, Canada
    I'm up in PG so I feel your pain. The auto wreckers up here are more over priced than the parts stores. I deal a bit with cheiftain auto parts, napa and lordco, but order most of my stuff from rock auto. I will buy the parts locally if they arn't to much more than rock auto. But most of the time the local shops are 50%-100% more than ordering online.

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