BTSR 10/02/2021 Winchendon, MA


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What: Mini-B2SR Run #1 - Instead of a full blown event, we will be having one day wheeling events.... hopefully more than one this fall, hence the #1 designation. There will be no club organized camping, shirt, dinner or raffle.

When: October 2, 2021

Where: Brookridge - Property owned by the NorthEast Association of 4x4 Clubs (NEA), in Winchendon, MA

Cost: $20/rig (goes directly to NEA). Please send via PayPal to Please use the sending to 'Friends & Family' option to reduce cost for both sides.

Meeting Time: 9am EST. Will post where as we get closer to the event.

Equipment Recommendations: 33" tires, full armor, one locker & winch recommended. Suitable for experienced drivers & modified 4x4 vehicles. Some of the easier trails can be done with less, with an experienced driver & a high tolerance to risk. Not suitable for fully stock rigs.

Event Leader: Suresh/Dirtysocks. Depending on signups, groups & trail leaders will be determined.

There will be a separate Nexterra waiver & a separate NEA waiver everyone attending is required to sign.
info and sign up on the NEXterra board HERE