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    Well Moab May is over and everyone is headed back from goneMOAB. This year goneMOAB was bigger than ever, with over 160 people attending and over 100 trucks. AZXC had a significant part in this year’s goneMOAB and we will recap the events of the week for everyone.

    First we want to thank the organizers of goneMOAB 2013 for their hard work and effort for planning the best and biggest goneMOAB event to date! Special thank you from AZXC to John, Dan, Nick, Shiloh, Katie, Alex, Taylor and their families for this event!

    Sunday AZXC teamed up with GPAX (Greater Philladelphia Area Xterras) to sponsor the barbeque at the goneMOAB 2013 Meet and Greet. This is where everyone gets registered for the event and the breakdown of the week is discussed with all the participants. After this everyone has the ability to socialize with the other participants and hang out with friends from years past.

    Monday morning the trails were kicked off and AZXC had members on many of the trails throughout the week. AZXC was able to wheel with some of our sponsors as well. Thank you to Chris from Nisstec Lifts, Brian from XTF Fabrication, Ted and Eric from Boulder Nissan, Justin from Treadlightly for bringing out their Nissan trucks and jumping on the trails with AZXC at goneMOAB 2013. These sponsors along with all of our sponsors help make the club what it is!

    As the week came to a close AZXC had a huge presence at the show-n-shine. We had our own section set up with AZXC gear to sell. We mostly sold out of everything, which is great news for AZXC.

    We also teamed up with GPAX at the show-n-shine. If you do not know GPAX sells pink ribbon stickers with their logo in the background for breast cancer awareness. To show our support for this great cause, we will be selling the “AZXC <3 Breslinâ€￾ stickers and all the proceeds of these stickers will be donated to GPAX so they can donate to breast cancer awareness. Thank you to Stephen Breslin – President of GPAX, for allowing AZXC to be a part of this!

    goneMOAB also donated a few Nissan hats to be distributed to the members of AZXC. There is a limited supply of these hats and we will be giving them away on a first come first serve basis. Check out the forum if you would like a Nissan Hat.

    As we get finish up this month and go full steam ahead for June we are planning a few events. We have a meeting at the end of the month in the planning stages so your input is critical. We are also tossing some ideas around for a few night runs; yes they are back as the temps heat up! Stays tuned to the forum for the latest information or as always send us a message or email us!

    Thanks again to all of our 2013 supporting members as we continue to grow this year!

    Your Arizona All Nissan Club Team

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