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Crabby Nov 12, 2018

  1. Crabby

    Crabby Test Drive

    I have 2015 Offroad XTerra.

    I'd like to install an auxiliary battery to run fridge. Any guidance as to where to place it securely, and hardwire.
  2. JeffPro4x

    JeffPro4x Hot Pipe Super Moderator Supporting Member

    Glenside, PA
    I've never done one, but there are write ups on the other site. Seems pretty intensive. Some argue that it's unnecessary. I don't have a fridge, so I can't definitively answer
  3. posrrr

    posrrr Test Drive

    I am about to mount a second battery in my '06. Just inside the rear compartment is that space to the right. At least 75% of the battery will fit inside there. I'm putting it in a plastic battery box with a ICT billet mount inside the box. Running #2 copper from the front battery, with a 100A fuse, to protect the primary system from a possible short-circuit between the batteries. Purposes of my rear battery are the rear winch (mounted on a plate welded to a hitch bar) and a 3KW AC inverter, just 'cause I may want some 110 one day. Both of these will have very short wire runs to the battery, so that they will always get full voltage.
  4. Prime

    Prime Some Kind of In Charge? Admin

    There is a kit out there that will allow 2 batteries in the stock location. @DVS-Rio has it if I'm not mistaken.

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