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slantyshanty Jun 25, 2015

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    Kinda like a mix between Clash of Clans and Age of Empires and Boom Beach. I have only been playing for 1 day (as of writing this). There is a LOT to do and build! This game would be much better on a tablet because there is so much to click on and do. I have not started any combat yet but I have explored. I may have missed a few things during the beginningwalk through. Apparently, it is really free when it says free... So if you start building something and it says complete for free, do it. You don't run out of them. (I thought there were only so many free upgrades so I didn't click it, at first)

    Oh, and don't upgrade your castle to level 6 until you are sure you want your castle to be in the location it is in. Before level 6 you can move your whole base around the map. I haven't done it yet. I would assume you would want to live near allies if possible.

    I'll leave this out for a few days, to see if anyone else plays. If not and you want to, we can start an alliance. If you already do and are in an alliance, hook a brotha up!

    Edit #1

    Ok so I have played a bit more today. This game is definitely made to keep your attention. There are a lot of upgrades (as you would expect from this type of game). As soon as one finishes another and another and another. Just when you think you have done all you can do and you exit the game, not even a minute later you get a notification that something finished, started, you got some free 'ish, or something. Speaking of no tifications, there is a rather long list in the options menu that you can turn on/off. As of right now, I still have all of them on. I'll probably change that soon. Only reason they are still on is because the beginning of the game seems rather easy to build up your base. I have a VERY large cache of free stuffs that I have either earned or been given. I haven't used any of them yet.

    One thing that I'm not a huge fan of is the fact that you only get one builder. (like boom beach) However, you CAN hire more if you wanna use the game currency (of course). So far I haven't really needed another.

    I haven't battled anyone yet and really don't plan to for a while. I'm more than sure I will get attacked long before I attack someone else. It's just how I play. I have attacked a game controlled enemy. I'm sure there is a name for that. PvC? Whatever. Nothing major, I just wanted to see what it does. As far as that goes, you send an army to go attack something. There really isn't any control over what happens other than that. You win or you lose. At least not at this point. I'm sure later there will be spells and such. Maybe?

    As you would expect, you have your main character (you) and you have to "forge" stuff for them to wear, which give your whole base better attributes. (fighting, defense, gathering, speed, etc.) You also have to build up your buildings individually. I can't express enough exactly how many things you have to research/build/upgrade/blah...

    It's my understanding that, after you join/create a clan??? Guild??? Team??? Whatev... Anyway, EVERYONE in the group gains from EVERYONE in the group. So, the more people you have, the better all of the bases are, the better everyone's everything is. You can also send gifts to each other, not just troops (clash of clans) I am kinda anxious to see this in action.

    I haven't researched whether or not you can have multiple accounts yet. I don't know how you would. Your phone/tablet would constantly be vibrating. As I type this I have received 6 notifications of things that finished or received free. Nothing negative has happened yet. I still have my first shield. Almost all of my buildings are level 5+ already. I have THOUSANDS of troops. I also have way more resources than I can spend... So far anyway.

    HMU if ya wanna team up!


    Something I forgot to mention. The chat translates different languages. Just thought that was cool. OH SNAP, I REALLY FORGOT TO MENTION THIS... If you are OCD, like me, choose wisely where you build your buildings. Once you sent them down they are there forever. There ARE some (very limited) things you can demolish but they are OUTSIDE your base (farms, tents, lumber, etc). Anything inside your base is there. That being said, so far I have 3 of my army building type buildings on one side of the base and 1 on the other side. This bothers the crap out of me and I will probably lose sleep over it.
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