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DewDrop Mar 10, 2015

  1. DewDrop

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    Gotta vent...
    I have worked in a flat rate shop ( dealership ) for about 6 years now. I just got done this particular job to find out I was only paid 1 hour on it. I have done this job in the past and know that it pays well more. It pays a little over 3 hours under warranty. For anyone not familiar - Warranty will always pay you less time. I looked the job labor time up on a program that we have and it pays 4.9 hours. Now if you are expecting about 5 hours to find out you are only getting paid 1, you will understand why im steaming. I went and asked our service writer what I was getting for this job just to be sure, he told me 1. Then I asked him if he looked the job up. He said he did and he doesn't believe it should pay that much. This is about when I stormed out, came back over to my computer to eat my lunch and see if anyone else on here has anything like this going on.
    Please note, I am not trying to be greedy. It is a really slow time of the year here in the shop so I try to make what I can. I was just wondering if this kind of thing is even legal?
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    Talk to your service manger or General manager. That service writer needs to do the job himself if he can decide what it's worth. Never worked on that side of things but, was in the business for seven years.

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  3. Prime

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    If the service writer doesn't understand what a job is going to take to do, then he should be referring to the book for the hour count. That's what its there for. I'd go over his head on that. There's a definite difference between greed and fairness.

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