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Alpine Spirit

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Make Rear Tube Doors
Atlas T-Case or D300 Doubler
REdo lots of wiring
Reuse the rear washer sprayer... so I can spray people behind the truck


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I remember when I first joined another forum and saw your "rig", it was the first Xterra I seen all modded out and I have to admit it gave me a little inspiration to get my mods going...although mine will never get to where yours is.

Post up some video action MR. Xterra

Alpine Spirit

First Fill-Up (of many)
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South Park, CO
Figured I would add a bit to this... New Knee, Son is in the Marines now & Real Estate has picked up some so I may start up some projects again.



- Calmini Gas Skid Plate
- SAS Kit Skid
- Shrockworks Sliders
- Shrockworks Front Skid
- Custom Cage
- ARB Front Bumper
- Custom Rear Differential Skid
- Custom Rear Swing Gate
- Spider Guard, Front Diff
- Skid Row Rear Bumper


- 37 x 13.50 Iroks
- 16" American Racing Wheels


- Front D44 from F250 Cut and Turned to Run Chevy & Waggy Axles
- Front Runs Chromoly Axle Shafts
- Tom Woods Driveshafts Front & Rear
- Slip Yoke Eliminator
- Front 5.13 Yukon Gears Chryo Frozen
- ARB Front Locker
- Rear 5.14 Nismo Gears
- ARB Rear Locker
- 4:1 Tcase Gears


- Front Heavily Modified Calmini SAS System
- 2" Body Lift
- Rear, Alcan Lift Springs 5"
- Johnny Joint Rear Shackles
- Custom Spring Over on the Rear
- Rancho Coil Overs in the Front
- Rancho Shocks in the Rear


- Custom ½” Wall HD Drag Link
- Custom ½” Wall HD Tie Rod
- Chevy 1 Ton Parts as well


- Warn XD9000 Winch
- ARB Safari Snorkel
- Custom Fog Lights... crushed
- Window vents
- Hitch built into Bumper
- K&N Filter
- Raingler Nets to secure Tools and Such


- On Board Welder
- Wet Okole Seat Covers
- Rocking Tcase Shifter
- Rubber Floor mats
- Custom switches mounted in dash
- AA Maglight mount Front Door
- D Cell LED Flashlight
- Magnetic Head Lamps
- 15lb Powertank w/Hoses
- EZ Access Bolted Powertank Mount


- Upgraded Battery over 1,000 CCA
- Garmin 60C GPS
- Garmin GPS Dash mount
- External GPS Antenna
- Cobra FRS Handheld Radios (2)
- Cobra C75WXST CB
- 4' Firestick Antenna
- Coolerman Aux Fuse Block


- Alpine Head Unit… Of Course
- Needs better speakers


- 2 130watt Lights Busted
- 4 100watt Lights Busted
- Fog Lights Busted


- Warn XD9000 winch
- 24000 pound tow strap(24')
- Tool Box
- D-ring shackles
- Snatch Block
- Leather Gloves
- 48" hi-lift jack
- Folding Shovel
- Full Size Axe
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Alpine Spirit

First Fill-Up (of many)
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Just Cuz...
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Bought an X
Shocked to see this get updated after exactly 2 years to the day with no activity. This thing is still the gnarliest of the gnarly X's. I'm excited to see what's next =D


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How's the knee recovering? I imagine you would get pretty stir crazy from lack of being able to be super mobile.


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I have a quick question....

How many pairs of underwear do you go through a day? I had to change mine just looking at this monster.
I love it! :beer::beer::beer::eek::thumbup::thumbup::D:D:cool::cool::beer::beer::beer:

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And... finally! I can nom for BOTM - which I will do for February

Gramps - you mean the pee on the tires mod? Yeah, need plenty Pabst for that... ;-)

Alpine Spirit

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Grandpa X
Last year a few of us did a trail called Carnage BV. Needless to say the weak link was found in a few vehicles. Kevin broke his driver side radius arm free from the axle. The mounts to this arm are welded to the cast housing on a Waggy Dana 44. Kevin got to brain storming on how to prevent this from happening again! A guy could probably encompass (Wrap) the cast area of the axle with plate and weld the radius arm mounts back on to the plated area. This would probably work just fine! However I had an extra HP44 housing from the old red pathfinder laying in a pile.

This axle was one of the units that I had narrowed to 63 in wide. What a guy does is cut 2 inches off the long side of a Ford axle, then burn the C back into place. This makes the long side the same length as a Waggy! With the short side still Ford length, the axle becomes a 63 wide unit.

There are a few things that are sweet about this modified housing:

The shaft lengths are still OEM units! So new shafts can be ordered without a custom cut unit.

The differential ends up closer to the oil pan. Thus allowing the drivers side radius arm mount to be welded to tube.

The tubes on this model of Ford axle are 1/2 inch wall. Can you say BEEF!!!!

The axle is 63 wide... Say goodbye to the wheel spacers!!!!

It is a high pinion unit.. thus lifting the drive-shaft further out of harms way.

However there are a couple downfalls!

This is a high pinion! So the crossmemeber that normally has a sway bar in it has to be removed or modified! Say goodbye to the sway-bar!

The drive-shaft is higher and will hit the cat! So say goodbye to secondary cats...


Kevin has lifted his rig enough to max out the caster adjusters on the Calmini arms. He decided to fix that with new adjustable upper links that we fabbed up.


Alpine Spirit

First Fill-Up (of many)
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Both sides of this inner plate are welded to the axle... This side to cast and the next pics shows the other side welded to tube.


The pic below shows the welds on the inside of this mount..