Aftermarket Exhaust system

gorillamel Nov 20, 2011

  1. gorillamel

    gorillamel Lockers Installed Founding Member

    Alrighty, this is a thread for people to list what sorts of mods you have done to your exhaust system (B pipes, Catback delete, Thorleys, headers, etc.). Please list what you have done and rate it so that it can help the rest of us out in what we'd like to do to our exhaust system once we have the funds for it, haha.

    Rating- sound (1-5, one = worst/yucky; five = BA/awesome)
    Rating- ease of install (same as above system)
    Rating- overall (same as above system)

    Feel free to list any other info you would like to share as well (where you got the stuff, etc.).
  2. TomsRedX

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    Lancaster, Pa
    Mods: OBX shortie headers, magnaflow 12368 2 in 1 out 2.5 inch pipe muffler, stock tail pipe.
    Cost: Headers $300, muffler $112 on ebay and $240 to have it welded on with new flanges at the cat.
    Pros: Better ability to get the nasty stuff out of the engine. sounds mean, gained a couple mpg.
    Cons: Hard to keep from revving the crap out of it and wasting the gained mpg.
    Rating- sound- did i mention it sounds BA. 5
    Rating- Ease of install- Headers- 1 major PITA! did it myself and took me ALL day. my hands looked like hamburger when finished. May be a bit easier with a BL. Muffler- 3 wasn't much fun sitting in the garage waiting for it to be installed, but after hearing it, it was worth the wait.
    Rating- Overall- Did I mention it sounds BA!! 5

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