A/C compresssor cutting in and out...

Hello all,

I've read many post but have not found the exact thread that addresses this particular problem:

2013 Xterra X with no moditifiactions at all; mileage: 100,002

My A/C shows fully charged but when selected cuts out intermittently for no apparent reason. I have a video I will try to post showing what this does.

This happens at all speeds, in all kinds of weather on smooth roads as well as rough. Thinking it might be a loose wire, I even tried it at idle and! I even tried it with the ignition ON and the Xterra not running with nothing moving at all.
ON low speed, the A/C (compressor) light stays on and you can here that the compressor has engaged but because the fan speed is so low, it is ineffective. At medium and high speed, the light blinks on and off randomly and you can hear the compressor kick in and out but not enough to give cold air.

Can anyone tell me what it could be?
Hey all,

Just a )long-delayed) follow-up. I finally determined the problem I had regarding the A/C compressor kicking in and out: It was the resistor (under the dash) all along. Once switched out, the problem totally disappeared. So, if you have a similar issue, check that little guy out.