3RD Brake light overlay legal in PA?

rolling rock Feb 18, 2017

  1. rolling rock

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    Did the overlay mod yesterday.BEFORE I did it, I checked with the local PA state inspection place about any legal issues with it. I was informed it was not a issue. Just wanted to be sure about this. Laws are different from state to state. Don't need a hassle over it.

    Found new info...

    (b) Rear lighting.--Every vehicle operated on a highway
    shall be equipped with a rear lighting system including, but not
    limited to, rear lamps, rear reflectors, stop lamps and license
    plate light, in conformance with regulations of the department.
    If a vehicle is equipped with a centrally mounted rear stop
    light, a decal or overlay may be affixed to the centrally
    mounted rear stop light if the decal or overlay meets all
    applicable State and Federal regulations.

    Taken from PA code.

    Any one in PA thinking about the mod, talked to a PO yesterday about it. Very big grey area on it. In short is it legal, NO. But again, he stated it's not a big deal. If your cruising 5MPH behind the cop and he is bored, bad area etc... yea, he will pull you over for it, and give you 5 days to remove it. So in short, kind of a loaded answer.
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